The following articles are all ones that Headinjuryhypo (the former incarnation of Christopher Lane Trust) had a hand in, either through direct authorship or by suggesting to others that they should be written.

Local Press and websites

Croydon Advertiser, 13-05-11

We are chemistry - Jon Danzig

See Section 2 headed ‘Injury affecting behaviour.’

Craven Herald 14-05-11

Croydon Advertiser 29-03-12

Craven Herald and Pioneer 12-09-13

Croydon Advertiser 14-09-12

Croydon Advertiser 20-09-13

Croydon Guardian on line 02-11-16

Star Courier 13-10-2011

Headway is one of the few brain injury charities to devote a page to post-traumatic hypopituitarism, which they did at Headinjuryhypo’s suggestion. They also cover the topic well elsewhere in their website.

Croydon Advertiser 13-01-17


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