The following articles are all ones that Headinjuryhypo (the former incarnation of Christopher Lane Trust) had a hand in, either through direct authorship or by suggesting to others that they should be written.

Medical and Professional Journals

Therapy Today March 2009

Mental Health Today May 2009

GP 15-05-09

Pulse 19-08-09

Journal of Emergency Medicine 2010

British Journal of Neurosurgery 14-02-2010

Hunters Moor News Spring 2011

BMJ Rapid Response 22-01-13

BMJ Rapid Response 03-04-13

BMJ Rapid Response 01-05-13

Nursing Standard 16-04-2020

J Neurol Neurosurg Psych 02-04-17

Disabil Rehabil March 2013

BMJ Rapid Responses 12-08-13

Br J of Neuroscience Nursing 27-09-13

NRTimes Winter 2016

Pharmaphorum 06-12-16

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