Mother of a Suicide: Fighting for the Truth

by Joanna Lane (Author)

27 Oct 2016


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It's bad enough to lose a child to suicide, but what do you do if you discover that the depression was caused by an underlying medical condition, and that a million others are at risk because vital medical information is being suppressed? Joanna Lane tells the story of her 31-year-old son's death, her grief and her search for the reason behind his suicide. When she finds that a rarely diagnosed but far from rare condition probably lay behind his despair she tries to raise the alarm to save others. However, her unsuspecting attempts are met with obstruction after obstruction. Gradually she confronts the truth that the organisations set up to protect the public are not doing their job, and we are all at risk. A must-read for anyone who has ever had a head injury, or been diagnosed with ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia.

And a must-read for anybody who still believes that important health decisions are made with the patient's welfare in mind. In this heartfelt, heartrending, angry and yet uplifting book, Joanna Lane charts her journey through grief and on to a fight that saw her set against the entrenched world of the medical establishment. A world that still in large part turns away from the truth which she  uncovered.


About the Author

Joanna Lane was educated at Oxford University and taught English as a second language for many years. She lives in Surrey with her husband, near to her two daughters and three grandchildren.

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